First Steps

Every endeavour has to start somewhere. I am not a webdesigner and up until a few months ago had no experience in any form of programming!! Yet here I am with a website ( albeit a basic one) that I have designed and formatted. Before I had even typed a single word the whole prospect filled me with fear. Could I do it? I had no technical knowledge just a passion for sharing the yoga I love with other people. For weeks I held off, fear of failure preventing me even trying. Then I had to start, there were dates loaming which meant I had to get this done.

Once I had taken that tentative first step it actually became fun! With each new slice of knowledge I have grown in confidence and what was initailly a scary project has become a really enjoyable part of my worklife.

So in this blog and in the newsletters I hope to share any discoveries from my own practice and from teaching. I offer them not a definitive facts but as my humble and personal observations on this amazing and ever unfolding practice of yoga.





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