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Well here we are almost ready to go live with this new website. Transferring domains to named servers, setting up email accounts!! All things which a year ago I would not have believed I could actually do.

It is amazing how if you take your time, be prepared to mess up and keep plugging away you can accomplish way more than you ever imagined. It made me think of all the people who come to class with tight hamstrings, shoulders etc who don't think they will ever be 'good' at yoga. Yet they turn up every week and work hard, fall out of balances, wobble around but keep going.

Our bodies and minds are so much more amazing than we have any comprehension of. If we commit to our practice, show up consistently and stay present who knows what we can eventually achieve? Even if we don't become much more flexible, it really doesn't matter. If we are patient with ourselves and treat our faults with compassion we will learn valuable lessons along the way.

#commitment #practice #patience

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