Yoga4wellbeing was born from a hobby 20 years ago and has now become my job! I am passionate about enabling people to develop and grow through the practice of the ancient art of yoga. My philosophy is simple. I tailor my classes to  individuals whatever their age or health/body limitations. I take my teaching out into community venues so you won't find flashy studios or excessive heat,  just your mat, lots of yoga and hopefully fun!

My Yoga

Over the next few years, I continued with  yoga classes at the gym but also began to explore other types of yoga at workshops and retreats.  I was focussed on the flowing classes particularly  ashtanga yoga and shadow yoga. The more I practised, the more my asthma and general health improved. I was able to greatly reduce the amount of medication I was taking, which in itself was a significant step.


A workshop at Triyoga in London  turned out to be another turning point for my practice. Working with Sarah Powers I discovered passive and meridian based Yin yoga. It was a perfect partner to the flowing Yang style practice I loved. So now my yoga became a blend of active and passive, Yin and Yang.




My name is Caroline and yoga has been a significant part of my life for 20 years.

While working at Lloyd's of London in the late 80's I was given a gym membership as part of my salary. What was just a perk of the job ended up as a life changing experience.


I had always loved exercise and had done ballet from the age of 6 and had practiced a litte Tai Chi. When my regular aerobics class was cancelled rather than just go back to the office I thought I would try the yoga class in the studio next door. This turned out to be my lightbulb moment. I hadn't expected anything hugely different. But here was a form of movement which was flowing, had elements of strength as well as softness, and focussed intensely on the breath. This last element proved to be the key to unlocking the tightness in my chest caused by chronic asthma. Something that I had been struggling with for a long time.




So after years of yoga being my hobby I began my teacher training and after 4 years studying hard it became my job. Gone was my corporate life and yoga became not just my passion but a way of life.


The yoga I teach is influenced by Eastern Medicine. I continue to study and research; to search out new ways of working so that I can bring an additional dimension of knowledge to my own practice and that of my students. Working with amazing teachers learning cutting edge western anatomy coupled with  Traditional Chinese Medicine theories I am continuing to grow and learn new techniques and hope to bring these insights back to my students.


For me yoga is an ever evolving form. The more I practice the more I learn. My students are my greatest teachers. We all bring our tensions, upsets and life experiences to our yoga practice. Together in class we will explore, release and hopefully in the process have some fun!

Each person I teach brings me something new.